Within Bexley the X-PERT Structured Patient Education programme is a well received and well attended programme. We have had over 1000 patients attend and complete the course and as a result have seen an improvement to their health. On average people who attend X-PERT reduce their HbA1c post course by 1% and reduce their cholesterol by 1. This reduction shows that the X-PERT programme assists patients in understanding more about diabetes and how to control their blood glucose levels and live a healthier lifestyle.

So what is X-Pert?

X-PERT is a six-week group education programme for people with type 2 diabetes. You will learn all about the up-to-date treatments, management of diabetes and have the opportunity to explore and address problems or issues, which you may have with your diabetes.

The programme has been shown to improve diabetes control, reduce diabetes tablets and insulin usage, increase self-management skills, improve lifestyle and quality of life.

The courses on different days of the week at eight different venues. If would you like the times or venues, please click here to download our X-PERT programme, or contact Carol Winter.

Comments from patients who have attended the X-PERT training:

"Brilliant wished I had been on this sooner - puts the pieces of the jigsaw together."

"Have a much better understanding now.  Was impressed with the friendly and helpful way the programme was conducted."

"Enjoyed and valued the whole experience. Supplying new information. Felt valued and comfortable. Thank you."

Comment from Dr. Trudi Deakin, founder of the X-PERT Diabetes Programme:

"X-PERT implementation in Bexley can certainly be regarded as a beacon of excellence. The organisation and coordination is remarkable resulting in outstanding recruitment and attendance. Structured education is offered to people with diabetes as an integral part of their diabetes treatment and management and the flexible approach, such as the option of attending an awareness session or the full programme, is a key factor in engaging with the patients. Educators are fully supported and there is really positive team spirit with regular meetings and update training. Comprehensive audit is undertaken and this is demonstrating that this initiative is truly making a difference to the health and wellbeing of people with the long-term condition, diabetes."

If you would like more information, please contact Carol Winter on 020 8269 3401. You can also self-refer for this course by downloading the referral form here or email bexleydiabetes@nhs.net.

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