Having diabetes should not affect you when you travel, as long as you plan ahead:


Check you have appropriate insurance. Some travel policies do not cover diabetic emergencies. Your policy must include pre-existing conditions.

Diabetes UK recommend all members of a party travel under the same policy.

Before You Leave

  • Check if you need vaccinations.
  • Always carry indentification and a 'travel letter' from your diabetes team, (if you are on insulin, explaining that you may be carrying needles and insulin).
  • Take twice the quantity of supplies (tablets, needles, insulin, lancets, blood meter strips etc) and do not forget a safe device for sharps disposal. It is a good idea to split your supplies between two bags. Keep insulin in your hand luggage because in can freeze in the hold of a plane. If you are travelling alone and want to split your supplies, insulin manufacturers suggest you place your insulin in an air tight container, i.e. flask, in the middle of your suitcase.
  • For long haul trips, consider time zones. You may want to discuss this with you diabetes team.
  • Check your insulin availability: Diabetes UK and your insulin manufacturer will be able to supply information on request.
  • Medication for diarrhoea, constipation and treating a temperature.
  • Order your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if travelling to a European Union country. This will entitle you have healthcare in Europe.  You can collect a pack from your post office.
  • Keep your indentification, a copy of your prescription and your travel letter with you, when booking in, for aircraft staff and through customs.
  • Pack extra snacks and hypo treatment, in case of delays.

For further information regarding travelling, such as information on flights, X-RAY scanners etc please click here to be taken to the Diabetes UK travel pages.

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