Disclaimer - Please note that many of these publications were created prior to the abolition of the Bexley Care Trust. Therefore some may still have the Bexley Care Trust logo on them. These publications will continue to be used until new ones are created and all those printed are distributed. If you require any further information on any of these leaflets please do not hesitate to call the Bexley Diabetes team on 0208 269 3401.

Please feel free to download and use at home or within your surgery, any of the publications you find within this page. These leaflets and information sheets have been produced as easy to read and understand guides to various elements of diabetes management.

HbA1c Conversion

These easy to read tables show in detail the changes to the HbA1c reporting method. This should explain how the figures convert from a percentage to the new reading given in mmol/mol. Both sheets below present the same information just in a different way.

Self-Testing Blood Glucose

This leaflet helps to explain who should be self monitoring their blood glucose levels and why.  This may help you or your patients to understand the changes to prescriptions regarding test strips and kits.

Type 2 Specific Documents

There are currently three documents available for you to download for people with type 2 diabetes. Two are patient information leaflets that you may have already received from your GP when you have visited them. The final document is the current Type 2 Guidelines, that your GP will use as a guidance for your treatment.  Please note that these guidelines are out of date and are in the process of being renewed, as soon as we have the latest version we will upload.

Some of you may be receiving Care Planning at your surgery now, which involves you being more involved in your own care, click here for more information on Care Planning. If you would like to look at the two leaflets that we have that explain the care planning process and what your results mean then please feel free to download them from below.

We also now have two handouts that we hope can help you to further control and understand your diabetes, one handout explores carbohydrates in detail with examples of portion sizes and the other explains how metformin works and how to reduce the gastro-intestinal side effects. To download these documents please click below:

Feel free to download these documents and use them to help manage your diabetes.

Please find below three documents that detail different ways to become physically active in Bexley, there is the Active in Bexley document, this outlines a variety of places you can go in Bexley to take part in physical activity and exercise. We also have the walks for 2012 document that lists the different areas you can go to join walks and walking groups. Finally there is the active indoors in Bexley information sheet, that details activities you can take part in inside. Please use these to find an activity that suits your needs and ability.

The local charity Mind in Bexley have recently launched a new support programme for people struggling to manage their diabetes or any other long term condition. To find out more about the service or how to book onto a session please download their flyer below.

Further to our local information leaflets there are national publications available for you to use both as patients and with patients. Please find below information leaflets provided by TREND UK.  Further information can be obtained direct from the TREND website by clicking here.

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