Metformin. How many people with diabetes take this drug? How many of you know how it works?

Metformin is a drug given to patients with diabetes and insulin resistance. Metformin works by helping to make the insulin you produce work better. Many people with diabetes have what is called insulin resistance, this is where the body is no longer using insulin effectively. The cells that normally open when insulin is present, to allow glucose in to be used as energy, do not react appropriately in someone with insulin resistance. This is were metformin plays a vital role, it helps to allow the insulin you have into the cells fighting that insulin resistance. Metformin also has another use is helps to slow down the release of stored glucose from the liver.

If you would like to read more about metformin and its uses or how to take this medication please click here download our metformin card. You may also received this card on your prescription.

If you have any concerns about your medication please talk to your GP or pharmacist.

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