HbA1c Changes

blood tubes

From October the way in which your HbA1c (long term blood glucose) is reported will be changing. Some of you may have already noticed that your GP surgery has been giving you your result as a figure ending with mmol/mol rather than a percentage as usual.

The HbA1c test tells you how well your diabetes has been controlled over the past 2-3 months. It works by measuring the amount of glucose that has attached itself to your red blood cells. The higher your blood glucose levels have been the glucose there will be stuck to your red blood cells. This test is very important as it will help you understand how your blood glucose levels have been and let the health care professional know whether your medication and treatment are working effectively.

The change is being brought in by the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC) to make it easier for worldwide research. At present most other countries report their HbA1c's as mmol/mol therefore using it within the UK also, will make worldwide research projects easier.

You can download and print an easy to read table that helps explain the conversion from the old presenting method to the new here. For any further information please visit the Diabetes UK website by following this link Changes to HbA1c.

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