Foot risk categories


Foot care is essential for people with diabetes and access to podiatry is important.  However it is something that people often have trouble accessing services.  Within this article we hope to explain the details of how people with diabetes are categorised into the different risks.

You may have heard your Doctor or health care prosessional mention your foot risk and wish to learn what this means.  You will be assessed by a podiatrist who will categorise you after carrying out certain tests and then decide your risk of developing an ulcer.

Low risk - normal sensations, pulses palpable, no peripheral sensory neuropathy.

Increased current risk - absent pulses, peripheral sensory neuropathy, circulatory problems or another risk factor such as foot deformity.

High current risk - several risk factors from absent pulses, peripheral sensory neuropathy, circulatory problems, nephropathy, retinopathy.

Current foot ulceration - should be referred to NHS podiatry as soon as possible.

If you currently have an ulcer on your feet or lower limbs please see your GP and get referred to an NHS podiatrist as soon as possible.

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